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Forfatter: Reynaldo S. Galang

Sideantal: 183

Sprog: Engelsk

Andet: For nearly half a century, the work of Placido Yambao has intrigued Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) aficionados all over the world. Yambao's manuscript, Mga Karunungan sa Larong Arnis , was the first widely released documentation of a popular, and at the same time, esoteric art. Written in archaic Tagalog, Placido Yambao's book remained an obscure resource understood nad appreciated by only a select few. Now, with over 500 photos and exclusive supplementary materials, the enigma surrounding Yambao's art is unraveled as FMA master Rey Galang unveils the secrets of Placido Yambao's legacy.

Fragtfri i Danmark

Fagtfri i Danmark